Musician, Artist, Actor, Composer

Said “Mushfiq” Hashimi is a master of Indian classical music, an accomplished painter and calligrapher, an actor, a composer, and former Professor of Kabul University.

Born in Kabul, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kabul where he studied Fine Arts, and a Master’s degree in Music from Holland’s renowned Rotterdam Conservatory.

Mr. Hashimi’s involvement in theatre, music and other fine arts activities began as a young child of five years.

Subsequently, in high school, he studied the highly disciplined and precise art of Calligraphy.

At the University of Kabul, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, Mr. Hashimi studied the arts of Theatre and Acting Mime, as well as both vocal and instrumental Indian Classical Music.

He was also invited to perform in the eastern and western European countries of: Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Germany, France, England and Austria.

In 1997, Mr. Hashimi entered the Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam, Holland, continuing his study of North Indian Classical Music under the esteemed Professors Koustuv Ray, Tedd Young, Coney De Young, Buddhadev DasGupta, Hariprasad Chaurasia, and Fayaz Khan. He has also studied under the world-renowned Ajay Chakravarty.

In March, 2002, Mr. Hashimi moved from Holland to Canada, where he has settled in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario.

Since settling in Ottawa, he established a Fine Arts Centre, which includes a teaching school, a studio and a gallery. Mushfiq Hashimi Arts Centre, is located on Bank Street (near the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre) and offers a range of fine arts lessons to groups or individuals. The gallery offers exhibits and sales of the work of various artists.

Mr. Hashimi accepts bookings for concerts and other events. He performs solo and with other artists, both vocal and instrumental music. His paintings have been exhibited in juried shows, and a selection is always on display at his own gallery.

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